Braille Lessons For Sighted People

The complete program bound in a printed manual. The program should be accessible to any sighted person of any age.

Kester Braille

The Levels are available to purchase separately, or together.

Each Level contains a teacher's guide and a student text. The teacher's guides are in print, while the student texts are in braille. The reading program is set up to teach reading and writing to students ages 4-8, although the concepts can be adapted to any age.


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Level 1 ($30)

Level 1 teaches alphabet and beginning sounds in Braille, and tracking a line from left to right.

If you are new to braille literacy or to the Kester Braille Reading Program, this is where you should start.

Level 2 ($35)

Level 2 teaches numbers 0-20, writing sentences, uppper/lower case, basic punctuation, high frequency words and three letter words with short vowel sound.

Kester Braille Lessons For Sighted People Program ($40 + $4 s/h)

The complete program, bound in a printed volume.

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About The Author

Award winning teacher, Louise Johnson, who retired in 2002, taught visually impaired students in Utah for 20+ years. After experiencing some difficulty organizing curriculum for the students in her classroom, she began to develop what would become the Kester Braille Reading Program to coordinate with the curriculum being taught in the mainstream clasrooms. Read more...