These are articles written by or about Louise Johnson: - The Braille Literacy Crisis For Children. An article on what she called the "braille literacy crisis," written by Louise Johnson, and published in the Journal Of Visually Impaired and Blindness. - To A Visually Impaired Junior High School Student From Her Teacher. An article written for Re:View Magazine, published winter 1993. - Reconnecting The Dots. An article about the decline in use of braille. Louise Johnson is quoted. - The Deseret News, Tuesday Jan 19th, 1999: Braille Fair an eye-opener Orem students hope to educate their classmates. An article covering a literacy fair that Louise helped organize. She is interviewed in the article. - The Deseret News, Monday, May 24th, 1999: When 'See Jane Run' doesn't work Effort by students at UVSC yields fun books for blind kids. During a UVSC visually impaired awareness campaign, Louise comments on the different levels of braille. - Fred's Head From APH: Kester Braille. A review of the Kester Braille Reading Program, by Margaret Mary Myers. - Sensory Street, Inc: Kester Braille. A review of the Kester Braille Reading Program by Sensory Street, Inc. - Provincial Resource Centre For The Visually Impaired. Kester Braille is covered under Featured Resources for February, 2011. - WPDS E-Newsletter, 04/28/11. A newsletter from the Wisconsin Personnel Development System, talking about The Kester Braille Reading Program in their newsletter (#6). - The Braille Literacy Project by Willow Canyon. A non profit organization aiming to build strong comprehension skills among visually impaired students.

Outside Sources

For more information regarding braille or the visually impaired: - The International Braille Research Center. The internet home of the National Federation Of The Blind contains several articles on the visually impaired, information on products both on the market and in development, as well as countless other useful resources. - The National Braille Press. Founded to help promote the literacy of blind children through braille and to provide access to information that empowers blind people to actively engage in work, family, and community affairs. (Louise Johnson and The Kester Braille Reading Program are referenced in their "About" page!) - The Texas School For The Blind And Visually Impaired. A fantastic resource for more information regarding the visually impaired. - American Foundation For The Blind. Aimed primarily at employing the visually impaired and providing information for employers, the AFB's website is yet another wonderful resource for the visually impaired and braille related topics. - The Foundation For Retinal Research. A non profit organization devoted to the research of Leber's Congenital Aumaurosis (LCA) heredity disorder, as well as other retinal failure disorders. (Louise is referenced on their resources page, under Braile Instruction: - Tax Tips For The Blind. Information regarding federal tax laws for the vision impaired. (Link provided courtesy of Veronica and her student @ After School Care Programs. Thanks for the heads up!)

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