Because there such a small research base for the visually impaired, the Kester Braille Reading Program relies on feedback from parents an educators who have tried the program. Here's some of the feedback the program has received:

About a month ago our Kester Braille package arrived, I've been using your program with our kiddo for 20-30 minutes a day during his reading intervention pullout time, and this week Paul started READING!!!

In March I was concerned that in spite of all our efforts (myself and the classroom teacher), he still might not be reading by the end of first grade. We had ordered the whole Patterns series, which looks great, but he doesn't use contractions yet and the classroom teacher and myself can only sight read grade 1 braille. But then Kester Braille arrived and the format was so easy (neither of us had received any VI training), that in a few short weeks, he's taking off! Thank you , thank you, thank you for creating this easy to use series!!!

I truly am impressed with this manual for a beginning reader. It seems that all TVIs needed something immediately "useable." I love this program.

As a teacher of students with visual impairments, I used this program in a previous school district. I'd like to use it again with my new students in my current position. I think it's a very logical approach and like it better than any other I've reviewed. Thanks for developing and sharing this great program.

I really should have had these books six months ago!

Your curriculum is just the perfect fit for my son right now. Your curriculum gives him plenty of practice reading and writing. He is truly learning and retaining what he has learned.

Just [had] to thank you. The braille program is wonderful. My daughter is multi-handicapped and it fits in with the work of ....

Everything is spelled out in the Teacher's Guide. You're positive and not preachy and just make it very easy and pleasant. And the kids love that they can "do something" with it.

My kindergarten student is doing so well with it!

So clearly written and organized...

If you have had success with the Kester Braille Reading Program, and would like your comments to appear here, please drop Louise Johnson an email on the contact page.

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